cCollar GIS Tracking and Containment Collar


The most advanced way to keep your dog safe. Unlike most tracking collars that just tell you when your dog has escaped, the cCollar actually contains your dog and guides them to return to the virtual fence you created. Even the most stubborn dogs will be trained to stay in the area you designate for them while home or away. 

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cCollar Features

Some of the amazing patented features of the cCollar


Create a virtual fence for your dog in your backyard, park, or anywhere

Virtual Leash

A portable virtual fence that keeps your dog at you side no matter where you go


Check on your dogs location, health, and activity from anywhere


Use stimulation, tone, voice, clicks, and vibration to tailor your training program

Return Path Home

Automatically create a three sided corridor for your dog to follow back to the yard when they decide to wander

Lock Down

Puts a fence around your dog to lock them down until you can come retrieve them

Long Battery Life

cCollar uses proprietary algorithms to monitor your dogs activity and save power so it is ready when needed

Fit Dog

cCollar collects health information on your dog that you can monitor and share with your vet for a healthier dog


Years ago we patented using Geo-fences with dogs. Today you can create these fences using parcel information, freehand, or by walking the perimeter. You can save as many profiles as you need and assign them easily. Going out of town? Share a profile with the dog sitter or create a new one at their house. It's virtual so it can be anywhere you want.

Virtual Leash

Talking your dog for a walk to the park? cCollar's patented feature can create a virtual fence around your phone location to keep your dog close. If you exit or enter a saved geo-fence profile it switches automatically between modes to keep your dog contained. An emergency button breaks your dogs concentration if a squirrel taunts them into a chase.


The main screen shows you a status of your dog at all times. Are they sleeping? In the backyard? Is it too hot? Too cold? Are they still at home? (it alerts you if that happens)
You can also monitor multiple dogs at the same time by adding more cCollar profiles. The status even tells you at a glance when it's time to charge the cCollar.

Multiple Communications Methods

cCollar is designed to be used in any household no matter how small or large. To save battery the communications are monitored to use the lowest power possible while maintaining status updates on your dog. If your dog somehow manages to get away the cCollar will go into tracking mode so you can intercept and retrieve them even days later. 


There are lots of camps on how to train a dog. That's why cCollar includes five different options for training including a progressive option using 3-5 methods at the same time. Each is customizable for the main commands you want to keep your dog contained.

Return Home / Lock Down

Another of our patented features will automatically create a three sided corridror back to the nearest geo-fence to help guide your dog back where they belong. If they don't take the hint the cCollar will switch to a lock down circle and wait for you to come retrieve your dog. You can also put them in a lock down manually at any time if you need them to stay put. 

Available In Three Great Colors



Blue for the dog that takes your blues away



Black for the dog that is always dressed for a formal affair



Ferrari Red for the fastest dog in the neighborhood

Available in Android or iOS


The Most Advanced Collar To Keep Your Dog Safe!

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